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The Pokemon are:

Arbok Articuno Beedrill Caterpie Charizard Charmander Cubone Dewgong Doduo Dragonair Electabuzz Geodude Glameow Gyarados Hippowdon Ivysaur Kyorge Lickitung Magcargo Magneton Mankey Mew Moltres Omastar Onix Parasect Persian Pidgey Pikachu Pineco Poliwhirl Ponyta Psyduck Rampardos Rapidash Roselia Seedot Shaymin Slowpoke Spoink Squirtle Staryu Suicune Tauros Torkoal Umbreon Victreebel Vulpix Yanma Zubat

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  • Real Photoshop POKEMON

    Like I Said In What We Are Gonna Do Page,WE Are Gonna Make A Page On Real Photoshop Pokemon...

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